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Bosses are aggressive, resilient enemies that offer a substantial challenge to players. Defeating a boss is usually instrumental in advancing the game in some way. Each has its own particular way of being summoned. Each boss is tied to their own respective quest with different tasks and ways to summon the boss; for example the Observer is summoned at the end of the quest Tutorial Troubles.

Observer[edit | edit source]

The Observer is a Boss found at the end of the Tutorial Troubles quest. You fight the boss after destroying the dark crystal growing out of a hill, in a zone between the crystal shard cave and the Old Hermit. it has 100 HP (+ 50 HP with the Shield), but can only be attacked after first destroying the surrounding shield with magic, then attacking it first with archery, and then with melee attacks.


Ice Imp[edit | edit source]

The Ice Imp is a Boss found at the end of the Frozen Mirror on the Wall quest. You fight the boss shortly after having crafted the Silver Ice Blade and entered into its arena. it has 100 HP and can only be damaged by reflecting its own projectiles towards it using the Silver Ice Blade. The Ice Imp will teleport around the arena to various platforms over time aswell as doing it if the player moves to close to the boss during the fight.

After having completed the quest required to fight the Boss in the first place, players will unlock a group variant of the fight, which has 100 HP for each player fighting it, so if 3 players are present it will have 300 HP. The group variant of the fight also works differently, as every weapon can now damage the Ice Imp, even with melee attacks as it no longer teleports away if players move to close, but it also has new attack patterns throughout the fight.

Ice Imp.png